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Fix My Streets Hosting Town Hall Tuesday, July 22

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Join the folks of Fix My Streets next Tuesday night to hear about the City’s plans to fix streets in the upcoming years. According to the group’s Facebook page, Mayor Landrieu does NOT plan to attend, but will be sending representatives. How do you think the Mayor should respond to the city-wide call for better streets? What neighborhoods do you think should see priority?

According to the head of DPW, Lt. Col. Mark Jernigan, the city has commissioned the first city-wide assessment of all streets since Hurricane Katrina in order to prioritize fixes. Without another bond issuance on the November ballot however, there are currently no funds that could pay for such repairs, with the exception of some FEMA funds.

To learn more about the Town Hall Tuesday night, visit Fix My Streets website: http://www.fixmystreetsnola.com/fix-my-streets-blog/2014/6/25/citywide-town-hall-meeting-with-mayor-landrieu-and-councilpersons

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