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Join Us! October 8, Tulane City Center, 6:00 p.m.

Be a part of the first-ever People’s Budget for New Orleans! Tell us– and city leaders– how you would spend tax dollars. We’re asking New Orleanians from every corner of the city to come out and participate in an interactive budget night.

Each participant will receive a hand full of pennies, each representing a portion of the city’s budget. Each penny can be put in a jar representing a city department based on YOUR priorities. Of course, some things– like the consent decrees and the NOFD Pension Fund– have to be funded first! See how quickly you run out of pennies for your favorite programming? Help us come up with new ideas for revenue as well!

At the end of the night, the pennies will be counted and we’ll write a report letting everyone know what the people of New Orleans see as their highest funding priorities. Come out and let your voice be heard! Food and drinks will be provided.

Want to join us? RSVP here! 

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Thanks for coming out!

Thank you to everyone who attended our three community information sessions over the past several weeks! We had a blast getting to know some new people and spread our ideas about how we can make our voices heard in the city’s budgeting process. If you weren’t able to make any of the events but still want to know more, contact participatorybudgetingnola@gmail.com.
At the three meetings, held in New Orleans East, Algiers, and Mid-City, we talked to community members about how the current budget process works, what we think we can do to improve it, and what events we have coming up next. We love to see people out and learning about their city!

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Fix My Streets Hosting Town Hall Tuesday, July 22

Join the folks of Fix My Streets next Tuesday night to hear about the City’s plans to fix streets in the upcoming years. According to the group’s Facebook page, Mayor Landrieu does NOT plan to attend, but will be sending representatives. How do you think the Mayor should respond to the city-wide call for better streets? What neighborhoods do you think should see priority?

According to the head of DPW, Lt. Col. Mark Jernigan, the city has commissioned the first city-wide assessment of all streets since Hurricane Katrina in order to prioritize fixes. Without another bond issuance on the November ballot however, there are currently no funds that could pay for such repairs, with the exception of some FEMA funds.

To learn more about the Town Hall Tuesday night, visit Fix My Streets website: http://www.fixmystreetsnola.com/fix-my-streets-blog/2014/6/25/citywide-town-hall-meeting-with-mayor-landrieu-and-councilpersons

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Youth Lead the Way for PB Boston

Congrats to the youth of Boston who took the lead on running the city’s first-ever Participatory Budgeting program this month! 


Ashley-Rose Salomon, youth organizer for Participatory Budgeting Boston, said of the kids, “They determine how it’s done. They get to say something and see it get done. It’s effective, efficient and it’s empowering. It actually brings the power back to the people,” Salomon said. “I feel all too often, especially in marginalized communities, their voices are unheard, so they choose not to vote.”


Read more about what Boston’s youth did to make PB a reality in their city here!

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PB NOLA featured as guest blogger on Sunlight Foundation website

PB NOLA was featured as a guest blog on the Sunlight Foundation Website! The Sunlight Foundation has funded an interactive website, created by PB NOLA, showing the ins and outs of the New Orleans City Budget. Ever wondered how your tax dollars are spent each year? Who controls them? Soon, you’ll be able to click through a website laying everything out in an easy to use graph! Thanks for giving us a chance to share our excitement Sunlight! 

The site will be based on an existing site based in Cook County Illinois. To see how it’ll work, check out their site: 


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PB NYC announces winning projects

Residents of several New York City council districts voted to improve senior centers, parks, school and handicapped accessibility among many other things during the last round of PB votes last weekend. To see the results from each ballot, check out their website: http://pbnyc.org/. Congrats New York!


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